What would you do if you were a student?


If you are a student then you have already completed several types of assignments during your period of study. You undoubtedly have already written different types of the essays and term papers. You might have completed several other types of writing assignments. However, there is an assignment that in terms of writing, organizing and composition, differs form all other ones. This type of assignments is thesis.

I would not discuss the purpose of the thesis, however I would like to emphasize on the writing process. As all writing assignments your thesis should comprise an outline. Unlike other writing assignments, it is imperative divide your outline on several subheadings. Once this task has been completed, you can start describing your subheadings by providing some information on the meaning of the headings. However, this part should have clear and definite organization. Your paragraphs should be linked together by convincing and logical sentences. If you are not sure whether your outline fits the description mentioned, you might discuss it with your advisor, who would provide some important tips on your outline. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to run to your advisor, once you have tried just once the completion of your outline. Try to think how the paragraphs can be connected, what logical chain can be presented, and once you have thought it over and rewritten your outline several times, you can present it to the adviser. This is the process of the thesis writing.

The main part of your thesis is the thesis itself, which should comprise in several sentences the most important points of your contention. You have researched some problem, you have made some analysis of it, you have reached some conclusion, and you can present you thesis- the essence of your arguments. However, do not forget 블랙툰 that that in dissertation writing one should present the thesis that should demonstrate not only understanding of the problem but also provide some useful 블랙툰 and new solutions on how this problem can be resolved. This is the most important point that distinguishes dissertation writing from the writing of other types of academic projects.

As in other types of assignments your thesis should include the conclusion, which should answer the following questions: What questions have been answered? What problems have been researched? How can your work contribute to the knowledge? How the results of your work can be used in practice? This chapter should have lucid, clear and succinct writing style. Once you have completed and stick to the draft of the outline mentioned, you may be rest assured that your thesis will fit the requirements set by your educational institution.

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